Banting Diet Success Stories

Banting Diet Success Stories

Real Foods You Can Eat To Achieve Your Goals On the Banting Diet

I am truly amazed by the huge amount of Banting diet success stories ordinary people have realised by eating non-addictive LCHF foods.

Many have who have heeded the views & advice of Tim Noakes, & his own experience since going on the Banting diet, have him to thank for changing their minds.

In the past we were taught that good eating habits were to avoid fats & fill up on potatoes & other carbs.

We now know that carbohydrates & vegetable oils (trans-fats etc) are the enemy for improving health & fighting obesity and that eating real, nutrient dense food is what are bodies thrive on.

In fact since Noakes has gone public with the success he has had with the LCHF Banting diet, many others have noted similar health improvements coupled with a significant amount of weight loss.

Incidentally, Noakes’ primary reason for going Banting was to avoid becoming fully diabetic (his father & uncle died from diabetes) as he was already pre-diabetic & by all accounts he has achieved this, together with other health improvements, just by modifying his dietary habits a la the low-carb Banting diet.

If you have any doubts as to the effectiveness of how a healthy Banting styled eating plan could help you improve your health & lose weight, have a look at all the comments of these people who have had such success since embarking on the Banting diet.

Tweets From People Who Have Had Success On the Banting Diet

Just reading through these tweets, from people of all walks of life, is pretty amazing & inspiring for anyone who needs to improve their health naturally & lose weight at the same time…


It should be noted that whilst many people have had such success with this low-carb diet it is not necessarily a “one size fits all diet”.

All of us are different & our bodies will therefore respond differently to various ways of eating although judging from the sample above, people from all walks of life & all ages are responding very well to the Banting diet.

So if you are looking to reverse your diabetes, improve your health or just lose weight it’s probably time for you to look at changing the way you eat & start a low-carb Banting or Paleo diet today.

To make it easier for you to stick to a low-carb, healthy eating plan…

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  1. mjimaco says:

    Wow…! awesome results indeed. I am coming for banting. No question about it!

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