How To “Banting Proof” Yourself This Christmas

This is for those of us whose self discipline just crumbles when confronted with all tasty treats on offer during the festive season & how to “Banting Proof” yourself from falling off the healthy Banting wagon.

Whilst a great deal of all that tempting food is probably non-Banting & non-Paleo approved, some of it will be fine for us Banters & Paleo eaters.

However, the trick is to know exactly what is Banting or Paleo friendly before we tuck into that Christmas dinner & pudding.

So to give you an idea of what to choose when you’re presented with so many delicious delights during this time, the food lists & tips below will help you decide exactly what you can eat to keep your waistline in check.

 5 Tips To Keep You On the Banting & Paleo Wagons

  1. Banting Food for ChristmasThe first thing to look out for & avoid like the plague is any food or treat that is rich in sugar as well as those simple carbs.
  2. Any processed food is also a big no-no.
  3. Eat your usual breakfast which hopefully contains an egg or two to keep you feeling full for longer – this will help you avoid any sweet treats going around before dinner time.
  4. Go easy on the alcohol and only have some dry white or red wine if you have to – remember alcohol lowers your inhibitions & resolve which could lower your defences against eating all the bad stuff.
  5. Fill up on the gammon & turkey (hopefully free-range) as well as all the veggies (organic) on offer.

For a more detailed list of what food is allowed & what not, just choose from the following links;

If you feel your resolve weakening against eating the bad stuff, just remember that you want to like who you see when you look in the mirror & regain that youthful vigor & slim body.

Finally, there’s no short cut to looking & feeling good, eating real, nutrient dense foods all the time is what it takes & taking a break to indulge in all the Christmas treats will set you back more than you think.

You could make a dramatic transformation to the way you look & feel just by eating a low-carb, nutrient rich Paleo styled Banting diet…

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