Bulletproof Coffee

Bullet Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

A Cup Of Bulletproof Coffee In the Morning Will Keep You Energized For Ages

Bulletproof Coffee, also known as Bullet Coffee & Butter Coffee, has become popular energy drink for many Tim Noakes & the Banting diet followers.

Bulletproof coffee is mainly about adding butter to your coffee which not only gives you more energy, but also reduces your food cravings (and consequently your weight) & improves your metabolism.

For those who are skeptical about converting their precious cup of java into bullet coffee by dropping a fat dollop of butter in, do not worry, the perils of saturated fat have been put to bed.

In fact new findings as those published in the Harvard/Annals of Internal Medicine say that there is “No link found between saturated fat and heart disease”.

This is not to be confused with the awful trans-fats (found in margarine, snacks, fast foods, etc) which raises your LDL cholesterol (bad) and lowers your HDL cholesterol which is the good one.

Furthermore, Tim Noakes contends that saturated fats (found in butter, lard, animal fat etc) are not only good for you, but can help you lose weight as fat consumption suppresses your cravings & hunger and provides you with plenty of energy.

I can hear you saying that coffee naturally gives you a buzz & makes you feel better, but the problem with just relying on the coffee pick-up is that you will crash shortly afterwards.

However, bulletproof coffee (with the butter in it) will give you an enormous boost & allow to feel energised for longer periods and promote weight loss at the same time.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (Butter Coffee)

Bullet Coffee

A Dollop Of Butter In Your Coffee & You Have a Quick, Delicious Cup Of Bulletproof Coffee

  • 1 x Cup of freshly brewed organic coffee
  • 1 x Tbsp (15 grams) unsalted organic butter (from grass-fed cows)
  • 1 x Tbsp (15 grams) coconut oil (optional)
  • Sweetener (optional) –  If you need some sweetness add some stevia or xylitol (never sugar)
  • Optional extra – 1 x tbsp MCT oil is a perfect addition to your bulletproof coffee
  • Stir it up or mix in a blender & enjoy your bulletproof coffee which could replace your breakfast

So if you’re still feeling tired & lethargic after your first cup of coffee in the morning, bulletproof coffee will give you the power boost you need to keep feeling energetic & sharp during the day.


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20 comments on “Bulletproof Coffee
  1. Jacky Brooks says:

    Does bulletproof coffee give you some sort of a loose stomach or Diarrhea?

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Jacky, coffee is known to get the stomach working so bulletproof coffee could possibly give some people a slightly unsettled tummy

  2. Felicity Ann Khan says:

    Hello Banting

  3. noma says:

    can i not just drink coffee with full cream milk no sugar

  4. Tasneem says:

    Hi if I add the butter and coconut oil. What type of milk or cream cN be added to this, if one does not like blacke coffee? Or should any type of cream or milk be added at all?

  5. Bienkies says:

    Say I drink a bulletproof coffee for breakfast and only eat lunch again; the 1 or 2 other coffee’s I maybe drink before lunch should they only be a normal cup of coffee and may I add cream or coconut cream to it?

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Bienkies

      Yes, adding cream or coconut cream should be fine for your other coffees but remember everyone is different so what works for one may not work for another – always best to consult a dietician for specific advice.

  6. Canya says:

    Helo 🙂 some websites says not to drink milk in your coffee (and put in cream instead). What is your opinion? I love my sugar free full cream cup of coffee in the morning…

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Canya

      People like Tim Noakes are huge supporters of full cream dairy & full cream yogurt, but it must be the full cream (preferably organic, from grass fed cows) – don’t choose low-fat or fat-free as these products are often laden with sugar & other nasty preservatives.

      The Paleo diet however, does not recommend dairy as it can be problematic especially for people who are lactose intolerant or trying to lose weight.

      Read more about it here: http://paleopower.co.za/is-dairy-paleo/

  7. Angie says:

    Can I use mayonnaise instead of butter?

  8. Johan Coetzee says:

    How many times a week can i drink BP coffee and can i drink it for lunch (after a banting breakfast) to stop me from eating at night?

    • PaleoGuy says:

      That should be ok Johan – I try & limit myself to 2 cups a day but everyone’s different and if you have any specific issues (like heart palpitations for example) too much coffee won’t be too good so always consult your medical practitioner to be safe

  9. Amanda says:

    Hi. Can I drink three cups of bulletproof coffee a day or its a bit too much.?

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Amanda

      I think it’s a personal choice & ‘what works for you’ kinda of thing, but 2 cups is plenty for me…

  10. Fit.geek says:


    Does is it have to be organic coffee or will coffee like Jacobs Kronung work?


    • PaleoGuy says:

      Using organic products is always best but for coffee, or coffee beans, to be declared truly organic, the soil (& coffee beans) in which the coffee is grown would have to be certified to be free of synthetic pesticides & fertilisers.

      So even using coffee beans doesn’t necessarily mean that they are “more organic” than a product like Jacobs Krönung.

      To answer your question I would say that using Jacobs Krönung is fine but using organic coffee beans would be ideal.

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