Can the Paleo Diet Reverse Diabetes?

Is Paleo the Best Diet For Reversing Diabetes?

If you are one of the more than 25 million people suffering with type-2 diabetes or one of the 80 million who is pre-diabetic (will soon be diabetic) you probably know that being overweight or obese increases the risk for diabetes and consequently, losing the excess weight can help you control your blood glucose level.

The good news for overweight diabetics is that you may not necessarily have to lose all the excess weight to notice an improvement in reversing your diabetes.

In fact you may only have to reduce your body weight by around 5% to 10% to realise a reduction in your blood sugar levels.

Eating a diet full of nutrient rich, natural foods such as those in the Paleo diet could help you control your blood sugar levels & reverse your diabetes…

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To achieve these benefits there is one particular way of eating that may help diabetics achieve a significant amount of weight loss as well begin the process to reverse their diabetes.

A report complied by Dr Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus (an authority on the Paleo diet) comes out strongly in favour of eating according to the natural Paleo styled diet over any other diabetic type of diet as an effective way of eating to help reverse diabetes.

“Diabetes Cannot Be Reversed Through Diet” – The Biggest Lie

According to the American Diabetes Associationfor most people type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease & eventually oral medications won’t be enough to keep blood sugar levels normal – insulin will be necessary…

“Type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease” – this is one big fat lie

ADA-Statement On Type 2 DiabetesWell according to this article appearing in The Intensive Dietary Management this & the myth that it is a chronic and progressive disease is one of the biggest lies concerning the management of patients with type 2 diabetes.

IDM goes on to say that “There is only one small problem with that statement that T2D is chronic and progressive. It is just not true. It is a purely and simply a lie, and a big one. There are many people that want you to believe this big whopper of a lie. There is money to be made and shareholders to keep happy. And it certainly won’t do if you find out that T2D is actually a fully reversible, curable, dietary disease. How can you sell drugs if people stop getting the disease?

Read the complete article here – it makes very interesting reading & provides a very convincing argument (backed up with facts) as to why type 2 diabetes sufferers do not have to accept their fate & that they can reverse their diabetes through diet and have normal blood sugar levels without insulin or other medication.

How the Paleo Diet May Help Reverse Diabetes

Paleo Diet To Reverse DiabetesModern day living encourages us to eat convenience foods that are often processed, high in sugars & devoid of any nutrients.

The effect of consuming these types of foods is that not only do you put yourself at risk of gaining an enormous amount of weight, but if your eating habits are not changed you could well become obese, diabetic & suffer from other chronic illnesses.

Contrary to the “modern day diet” the Paleo Diet & food list consists of nutrient dense foods that are totally natural, unprocessed and anti-inflammatory which helps counter a myriad of modern diet illnesses, allergies & gut issues.

Therefore diabetics are highly likely to experience an improvement in their blood sugar levels & making it easier to control as well as significant weight loss & feelings of youthful exuberance & vitality.

The Paleo way of eating will not only help diabetics reverse their diabetes but could also have a marked improvement on people who suffer with allergies, digestion & gut issues, high blood sugar levels, weight issues, insulin resistance, lack of energy and so on.

If you do have any poor health issues it could be worth your while to consult your doctor or nutritionist and discuss how the Paleo diet plan could benefit your overall health.

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