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Low Carb High Fat Diet for improving health and helping prevent weight gain

Type 2 Diabetes Success Stories

How Peter & Cher Successfully Reversed Their Diabetes Anyone familiar with Prof Tim Noakes will know that he is a huge supporter of the LCHF diet which he credits for reversing his diabetes and is one of the type 2

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How Does the Keto Diet Work

How does the keto diet work and how long does it take to notice any real weight loss? You’ll get the answers to these questions, and more, to enable you to enjoy the health and weight loss benefits of the

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Diabetic Diet South Africa

University Of Michigan Study Reveals Good News For Diabetics Good news is that, as shown in this University Of Michigan study, a low-carb diabetic diet styled on the Banting or Paleo diets can reduce insulin resistance & reverse diabetes. Hopefully

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Calories Per Day

How Many Calories Per Day Should You Eat? How many calories per day should you be eating in order to lose weight? This is a question just about everyone struggling with their weight wants a definitive answer to. Well counting

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Banting Green List

If you choose foods from the Banting Green List, Tim Noakes says you can practically eat as much as you like without having to worry about weight gain. Just remember that whilst many will get encouraging results by only eating

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Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie You will be pleased to know you can now get this favourite comfort food in the healthy version with this Paleo Shepherd’s Pie. For Paleo and LCHF eaters one of the most difficult foods to cut down

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Tim Noakes Diet – Red List Of Foods

Most of us who have any knowledge of the Tim Noakes diet will know that he advocates a low-carb, high fat diet however it is useful to know exactly what foods are actually on his red list & to be

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Banting Cauliflower Mash

Tim Noakes Cauliflower Mash For those of us who just love mashed potato, it is really difficult sticking to the Tim Noakes diet when we know potatoes are on the red list and is one of the main foods to

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Megan Fox Loses Weight On Paleo Diet

Megan Fox Credits the Low-Carb Paleo Diet For Her Weight Loss According to Megan Fox, eating a Paleo diet high in protein, grass-fed meat, fruit & fresh vegetables is largely responsible for losing a significant amount of weight recently. Her

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Tim Noakes Recipes

Tim Noakes Styled Banting Recipes Professor Tim Noakes has gained a huge amount of notoriety for his views on what constitutes a healthy diet for many reasons not least of all due to his personal experience. Since embarking on his

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