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The many benefits that Paleo may provide you for your health, weight and body.

5 Real Reasons Why the Paleo Diet Works

There were good reasons why the Paleo diet was the most popular diet in 2013. Whilst it’s popularity is still high, not least of all due to the enormous success people have had with it’s weight loss benefits, it has

New Research Shows Paleo Diet Leads To Weight Loss Among Women

New Research Shows Women Lose Weight On Paleo Diet The results of a study recently published by the Edith Cowan University (ECU), on 23 May 2016, found that the Paleo diet leads to weight loss among women. According to Angela Genoni

10 Of the Best (Some Slightly Surprising) Tips To Get Your Body Beach Ready

Eat Your Way To a Beach Ready Body For many of us this could be the umpteenth time we’ve woken up & said “darnit, today’s the day I’m going to start getting my body in beach ready shape” but it’s

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Paleo Weight Loss

Losing Weight With the Paleo Diet One of the major benefits of the Paleo diet is that the foods you are allowed to eat are mostly foods that you cannot over eat so you can basically eat as much as

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Megan Fox Loses Weight On Paleo Diet

Megan Fox Credits the Low-Carb Paleo Diet For Her Weight Loss According to Megan Fox, eating a Paleo diet high in protein, grass-fed meat, fruit & fresh vegetables is largely responsible for losing a significant amount of weight recently. Her

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Is the Paleo Diet Your Ticket To Effortless Weight Loss?

Paleo Weight Loss The Paleo diet was the most “Googled” diet of 2013, but does it work and will you experience that Paleo weight loss that so many have enjoyed? The Paleo way of eating is based on the natural

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Can the Paleo Diet Prevent Heart Disease?

Paleo Diet vs a “Heart Healthy” Diet For Prevention Of Cardiovascular Disease Is the Paleo diet more effective at combating and preventing heart disease than a diet that is labelled as “heart healthy”? You would be forgiven for being confused

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Paleo Diet For Athletes

5 Good Reasons For Athletes To Go Paleo You would think that a person who is fit, like a well trained athelet, would naturally be extremely healthy as well. Unfortunately this is not true as athletes are prone to frequently

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Famous People On the Paleo Diet

3 Famous Paleo Eaters The health benefits that many people seem to be enjoying from eating a Paleo styled diet is catching on fast with celebs and famous sportspeople. Here are just some of them… 1. Matthew McConaughey This guy’s

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Paleo Diet Benefits

Life Changing Benefits Of Going On the Paleo Diet There are numerous ways in which the Paleo diet could pass on some possible life changing health & weight loss benefits to you and your body. However, let’s face it, most

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