10 Reasons Why a Low-Carb Diet Causes Weight Loss

10 Reasons Why a Low Carb Diet Causes Weight Loss

Reasons Why a Low Carb Diet Causes Weight Loss

While the low-carb diet causes natural weight loss & disease prevention, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is often touted as the cause of obesity, diabetes & a host of other diseases.

The Standard American Diet prescribes a low fat diet which usually consists of rapidly absorbed foods high in carbohydrate which increase the risk of weight gain, diabetes as well as heart disease.

A low-carb, high fat diet however, encourages natural weight loss and helps you avoid disease and improve your health.

Whilst the Standard American Diet is based on a diet high in carbohydrate, sugars & grains leading to carbohydrate dependency, the low-carb diet reduces insulin production & blood sugar levels thereby stimulating the body’s natural fat burning process.

Here are the reasons a low-carb, high fat diet will help you burn fat and lose weight naturally

  1. Exercise and/or portion control is ineffective for weight loss – it’s your hunger that needs to be controlled which is what a low-carb Paleo or Banting (Tim Noakes) diet will do for you.
  2. By limiting your carbohydrate consumption you will reduce your body’s insulin production which will activate your body’s natural fat burning mechanism.
  3. The Paleo way of eating allows you to escape your sugar dependency without any loss of energy – in fact by eating wholesome, nutrient dense foods you’ll always feel energised & healthy.
  4. For accelerated weight loss, intermittent fasting can be introduced into your low-carb diet – for example you could wait until you’re hungry before automatically having breakfast in the morning which will maximise your appreciation for food and help you become more fat adapted.
  5. A high-carb, grain fuelled diet is a poor quality source of energy that is quickly converted to glucose offering little nutritional value whereas low-carb Paleo foods are easily absorbed for optimal body performance without messing with your blood sugar levels.
  6. Basing your diet on low-carb, high fat meals allows your eating patterns to be determined by pleasure or hunger for maximum nutritional benefit.
  7. A low-carb eating plan controls your hunger without the cravings unlike sugar rich meals which always leave you wanting more.
  8. Athletes are discovering the power of low-carb diets combined with healthy fats which provides them with a more efficient energy source than the traditional high-carb energy drinks & gels – being fat adapted also allows the body to “burn cleaner” contrary to burning glucose which causes inflammation & oxidative stress.
  9. A low-carb, high fat diet is a far better source for your body’s energy requirements than the traditional high-carb, low fat diet as it lowers your insulin levels which allows more fat to be released and burned for energy – in fact the LCHF diet could have a massively positive effect on the global obesity epidemic.
  10.  Carbohydrates cause insulin issues leading to weight gain & diabetes whilst a low-carb diet enables natural weight loss and allows you to achieve your ideal body composition irrespective of genetics or obesity in the family.

More On Carbohydrates & Weight Loss

Low Carb Diets Cause Weight Loss

Low Carb Diets Cause Weight Loss

  • According to The Nutrition Source (Harvard) a low-carb diet can help people lose weight more quickly than a low fat diet and be able to maintain that weigh loss.
  • This site also explains how carbohydrate consumption can cause type 2 diabetes by increased insulin production and insulin resistance.
  • Tim Noakes shot to prominence for the significant weight loss he experienced after going on the low-carb Banting diet which also helped him to reverse his diabetes.

A good place to start your low-carb eating plan is with the popular Banting diet plan that has helped so many people to achieve their weight loss goals.

Start Your Low-Carb Diet With This 7 Day Banting Meal Plan »

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