Banting Cauliflower Mash

Cauliflower Mash

It’s Amazing To Think That Cauliflowers Can Produce Such a Tasty, Healthy Mash

Tim Noakes Cauliflower Mash

For those of us who just love mashed potato, it is really difficult sticking to the Tim Noakes diet when we know potatoes are on the red list and is one of the main foods to be avoided.

Furthermore, when you hear that the alternative is cauliflower mash I’m sure your eyes, and taste buds don’t light up with excitement as it sounds like a pretty poor and bland alternative for that delicious serving of mashed potato.

Well here’s the thing, your stomach as well as your specific taste preferences can be fooled by how the food on your plate looks.

It is true, I have experienced this very phenomenon myself and I am pleased to report that it is true.

A serving of cauliflower mash, that looks remarkably like potato mash, tastes great and you will not give another thought to it not tasting like your favourite mashed potato.

In fact after eating it for some time now I actually prefer the cauliflower version to the potato one and not only because it is healthier.

It is also a great way of eating cauliflower as being served with it in the traditional manner is something that I struggle to eat – in my opinion it looks neither appealing nor appetising served like this so the mashed is the only way I can stomach it.

Cauliflower Mash Recipe

Cauliflower Mash Recipe Tim Noakes


This mashed cauliflower recipe is not only healthy, but it’s also light, fluffy, creamy & rich and as an added bonus it’s easier than preparing mashed potatoes as there is no dreadful peeling involved.


  • 1 head of cauliflower (approx 4 cups of cauliflower florets)
  • 300ml of milk
  • 100g butter
  • Salt and pepper


  • Break the cauliflower into florets
  • Steam the cauliflower until it is soft – steaming is preferable to boiling as it helps retain the nutrients which can be washed away during boiling
  • Puree the cauliflower with a blender
  • Whist blending it add the milk & butter whilst stirring until the mixture is nice and smooth
  • Add salt & pepper as required and your cauli-mash is ready to serve

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