Weight Loss Success Stories

Paleo Diet Success Stories

In 2013 the Paleo diet was the most Googled diet on the internet as people sought a natural & sensible way to lose weight & feel good.

Paleo has proven not to be just a fad diet as more & more celebrities are going Paleo to experience the long term benefits of a healthy diet in terms of enjoying vibrant health & slim looking bodies.

Celebrities Who Have Had Success With the Paleo Diet

1. Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Paleo Diet

Jeb Bush Since Adopting the Paleo Diet

Jeb Bush, the younger brother of former President George W. Bush, has reportedly lost 14Kg since adopting the Paleo diet.

The 62 year old, former Florida governor, has always struggled with his weight but now he has a new problem and that is having to purchase a new wardrobe of clothes.

He admitted that his biggest struggle with weight gain was that he was always hungry which is exactly what happens when anyone relies on eating processed, refined foods high in sugar as they are addictive & do not satisfy leaving you feeling hungry.

The great thing with Paleo eating is that you don’t have to restrict yourself as the food is non-addictive & will leave you feeling satiated after eating a meal of food from the Paleo diet food list.

2. Tom Jones

The veteran singer who is now 73 looks fantastic since going Paleo.

In fact he has lost roughly 15Kg since eating Paleo approved foods & says he avoids carbs & processed foods like the plague

In an interview with the Telegraph he says going back to the caveman diet by eating fish, meat, veg and anything natural is the reason he is looking & feeling so amazing

3. Megan Fox

Megan Fox credits the sugar-free Paleo diet for her stunning weight loss

Megan Fox credits the sugar-free Paleo diet for her stunning weight loss

Although she only gained about 10kg during her pregnancy she started the Paleo diet in attempt to not only lose her post pregnancy weight but to also look more curvy & not as skinny as she used to be on her vegan diet.

She quickly lost the baby weight gained during her pregnancy by avoiding all refined carbs, dairy, alcohol, sugar – in fact all non-Paleo foods.

Here’s a glimpse as to what she eats…

  • Most mornings for breakfast she has have a smoothie or an omelet made with egg whites as well as some avocado.
  • As a snack she resorts to hummus and cut veggies
  • and for lunch she will often have a salad with grilled chicken

I think everyone will agree that the Paleo way of eating is certainly working for her.

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