Foods High In Zinc

For the many health benefits offered by this essential mineral, it is important to ensure that foods high in zinc form an integral part of your diet.

This is because zinc plays such a significant role in the well being of your body from wound healing & maintaining good gut health to the production of testosterone.

However, the one attribute that this important mineral is most famous for is for its ability to boost the body’s immune system.

Its immune boosting properties help your body to respond positively to any infection and inflammation & is also acts as a powerful cold & flu virus prevention solution.

On the other hand, not eating enough foods high in zinc can cause a deficiency in zinc which can lead to stunted growth, diarrhea, impotence, hair loss, eye and skin lesions, impaired appetite & a low immune system.

Foods High In Zinc

FoodMg of Zinc in 100gPaleo?
Beef & Lamb12.3Yes
Pork & Chicken5.0Yes
 Wheat Germ16.7No
 Pumpkin Seeds10.3Yes
Nuts (Cashews)5.6No
Green Peas (Legumes)1.19No
Beans (Chickpeas)1.5No
Oysters High In Zinc

Oysters Are High In Zinc

From the table above it can be seen that foods high in zinc come from animal based foods rather than plant based.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that the plant based foods that are high in zinc content are not Paleo approved foods.

The problem with these non-Paleo plant foods high in zinc (such as legumes, seeds, nuts, and grains) is that they contain phytates, ie phytic acid. These phytates bind to zinc (and other minerals) which drastically reduces your body’s ability to absorb these key minerals, thus making you more prone to mineral deficiencies.

Animal foods, on the other hand, do not inhibit the absorption of zinc or other minerals and instead aid in absorption during digestion.

Therefore, for Paleo eaters, it will be advisable to include the animal based foods in your diet to get your daily recommended allowance of zinc in your diet.

Top 10 Foods High In Zinc (Per Serving)

Food & Portion Size
Mg of Zinc Per ServingPaleo?
Oysters (100g)78.5 mgYes
Beef & Lamb Liver (100g)12.8 mgYes
Beef & Lamb (100g)12.6 mgYes
Pork & Chicken (100g)5.1 mgYes
Wheat Germ (1/4 Cup)3.3 mgNo
Tahini (2 Tbsp)2.8 mgNo
Pumpkin Seeds (2 Tbsp)2.1 mgYes
Oatmeal Cooked (1 Cup)1.5 mgNo
White Beans Cooked (1/2 Cup)1.5 mgNo
Tofu (1/2 Cup)1.3 mgNo

How Much Zinc Should You Take Every Day?

The recommended daily allowance of zinc for men (and adolescent boys) is 11mg & for women about 8mg a day.


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