5 Paleo Diet Myths

Paleo Diet Myths & Truths

Paleo Diet Myths

Paleo Diet Myths – Paleo Is Not Only About Weight Loss

The Paleo diet was the most searched for diet in 2013 so you can imagine how many people have strong opinions as to the success or danger regarding this popular way of eating.

You can therefore be sure that there have been many untruths spoken about following the Paleo eating plan and what it can do for you.

So let’s try and deal with some of the more common myths that have been spoken about this popular way of eating.

1. The Paleo Diet Is Only About Weight Loss

Whilst many Paleo converts have experienced a significant amount of weight loss, this is certainly not the only benefit you could realise with this eating plan.

Megan Fox credits the sugar-free Paleo diet for her stunning weight loss

Megan Fox credits the sugar-free Paleo diet for her stunning weight loss

Losing extra fat may be what drives some people to go Paleo, whilst others may be after gaining weight & muscle for improved athletic performance – so Paleo is much more than just losing weight although it is highly effective if that is your aim.

The benefits you may get from of going Paleo include an improvement in your gut health & digestive system, an increase in energy, muscle tone & strength as well as reducing your chances of getting type-2 diabetes.

2. Paleo Is a Low-Carb Diet

Actually Paleo eating is not a carb-free diet or all about restricting the intake of carbohydrate,  but more about avoiding modern foods that contain grains, sugars and other toxic substances.

It just so happens that many of these unhealthy foods fall into the simple carb category which are strictly non-Paleo – organic potatoes & white rice are however allowed on the Paleo diet.

3. Sticking To Paleo Approved Foods Is Costly

Paleo Eating Is Not expensive

Paleo Eating Does Not Have To Be Costly

To ensure you get all the benefits that you could possibly get from going Paleo it is essential that you stay on track & do not stray and start eating non-Paleo foods, however some people’s perception is that Paleo eating is expensive.

Buying organic vegetables & grass-fed meat at some of the popular high street stores will probably cost more than groceries bought from a farmer’s market but so will all other food in all probability.

The point is that eating according to the Paleo food list you will find that it is generally cheaper than buying “modern” processed foodstuff.

4. Paleo Is All About Eating Meat, Nuts & Green, Leafy Vegetables

Paleo Food Is Not ExpensiveWhilst meat & vegetables are found in many popular Paleo dishes, you certainly won’t be restricted in your choice when it comes to food variety.

Not only is there a wide choice of foods to choose from, there is not just one way to eat Paleo.

For instance some people may feel & perform better eating more carbohydrates than others whilst others may do well consuming dairy & others not.

So Paleo is not a diet that you need to follow rigidly – the right way of doing Paleo is the way that works for you.

5. Paleo Restricts the Amount You Can Eat

Paleo Is Not a Starvation Diet

Paleo Is Not a Starvation Diet

One of the benefits of going Paleo is that you can generally eat as much as you like.

The thing is the type of foods you will eat on Paleo are foods that will leave you feeling full & satisfied, unlike processed foods & simple carbs that almost always leave you feeling hungry & wanting more.

 In Conclusion

To wrap up it should be comforting to know that Paleo is not a fad diet or a way of eating that could be dangerous in any way as its emphasis is firmly on eating organic natural foods that are free of preservatives & chemicals.

This way of eating is easy to start & not restrictive when it comes to portion sizes so you can be sure that the Paleo diet is not going to become a distant memory anytime soon.

So don’t let untruths or unfounded myths scare you off, get Your Essential Guide To the Paleo Diet to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls & get all the health & weight loss benefits you can possibly get…

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