Why Soya (Soy) Is Not Banting Or Tim Noakes

Why Soy Is Not Banting Or On the Tim Noakes Diet

This is why soya is not Banting or Paleo approved & how it could be detrimental to your health.

Contrary to many people’s belief that soya (or soy) is a good substitute for the protein found in meat, it is actually no substitute at all.

This is according to Tim Noakes & Co, as well as many Paleo diet experts as well as anyone who has any scientific knowledge of nutrition.

Not only are soybeans a low value (cheap) crop to grow, but 95% of them are GMO (Genetically Modified) crops.

Furthermore, you have probably heard that soy makes up a large part of most Asians diet and look how healthy & slim they are so soy must be a good thing to eat – well, that’s totally wrong.

The truth is that Asians consume small amounts of soy & that is usually after it has been fermented and eaten in the form of nato, miso or tempeh.

The process of fermenting the soy beans causes it to lose a lot of the toxic phytate & lectin content which is what is harmful to us.

When they don’t have a fermented form of soy, they usually have it with fish broth in soups, which is very high in minerals and somewhat counter acts the effects of soy.

I wish I had known the truth about soy when I was younger as I was raised on a vegetarian diet and fed a diet of soy and it’s no wonder I was always sick & suffering with allergies – now I eat a low-carb Paleo diet & enjoy really good health without those awful allergies

The Harmul Effects Of Eating Soy

However, notwithstanding the above, even naturally grown (organic) soya contains toxic phytochemocals as well as the following list of issues that consuming soya can cause;

Why Soya Is Not Banting

  • Digestive problems & gut issues
  • Soybean oil can cause some cancers
  • Weakens the immune system
  • Can cause severe allergies
  • ADD as well as ADHD
  • Increases the risk of heart disease
  • Malnutrition as phytates resist absorption of real protein, calcium, magnesium, iron & zinc which are all essential nutrients
  • Suppresses thyroid hormones which can lead to hypothyroidism & goitres
  • Soy contains high levels of goitrogens which inhibits the thyroid’s ability to utilize iodine correctly which could lead to hypothyroid problems.
  • Promotes the storage of fat & causes weight gain

Lastly, those destructive soy crops not only rob the soil from nutrients without contributing anything to the land, but they’re also one of the most pesticide laden crops and are now almost all genetically modified (GMO).

It doesn’t end there as in many parts of the world livestock is fed a diet of soy & some factory produced cuts of meat are now injected with extra soy which should give you even more reason to avoid eating non grass-fed meat which could save you from poor health as well as the environment.

PS. For some low-carb, soya-free, gluten-free recipes take a look at this collection of LCHF Paleo Recipes which could help you achieve your goals of having radiant energy & that slim, lean figure


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4 comments on “Why Soya (Soy) Is Not Banting Or Tim Noakes
  1. Ragani Moodley says:

    Can one do a veg for 2 days Monday and Thursday. I do not eat pork or beef, can I get a diet to suite me.

  2. pierre says:

    Banting has changed my life. I am not in a Diabetes Jail. I have loads more energy. The diet became extremely expensive when I started calculating the cost of my new clothing that are a few sizes smaller than the ones I started the diet with.

  3. pierre says:

    what a joy to eat as much red meat as often as I want……..and some of the fat as well. At the age of 62 it is a wonderful and joyful thought knowing that my wife is scared of me again ……:-) The clothing story at the top is just about the best money I have ever spent. I have just realised that I will not need to rent a tent for my nest holiday. My old size 44 trousers will make a stunning sleeping bag.
    Nonsense aside ….. banting has changed my life.

    • Lyster Whitfield says:

      Hi Pierre. I have just adopted the “Banting” way of eating but am not an expert however, a word of caution. You mention eating as much meat as often as you like. The Tim Noakes “Banting” eating plan warns against this recommending no more per sitting than the size and thickness of your hand without fingers. You may be confusing this with their “eat as much fat as you like” policy? Kind regards, Lyster.

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