Sugar Addiction

Are You a Sugar Addict?

Sugar Is Toxic

Sugar Is Toxic

Karen Thomson, the granddaughter of the South African heart surgeon Prof Christiaan Barnard (who performed the world’s first successful heart transplant), has declared herself to be a reformed sugar addict.

Karen has struggled with addictions with cocaine, heroin and alcohol all her life and contends that trying to kick the sugar habit has been the most difficult.

After entering rehab where she remained for almost a year, she kicked the hard drugs and has thankfully been clean for ten years and also managed to get off sugar which she has been free of for nearly three years.

Karen’s experience with sugar and carbohydrate addiction just goes to show how addicted we all become to foods with sugar, such as simple carbs, white bread, pasta, pastries, etc.

You could be suffering from sugar addiction if…

  • you feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating
  • you often feel lethargic and lack energy
  • you feel fat and overweight
  • your brain often feels “foggy”and not sharp
  • you can’t stop once you start eating a slab of chocolate

How To Quit Sugar

Bread equals toxic sugar

Looks Good But Plenty Of Toxic Sugar Lurks Within

  • Cut carbohydrates, especially simple carbs, right out of your diet – this includes white bread, pasta, white rice, treats, soda drinks etc.
  • Avoid convenience food, fast foods and any processed food
  • Beware of the so-called fat-free foods such as fat-free yogurt which could be laden with sugar
  • Don’t eat too much fruit (or fruit drinks), especially bananas, as they are rich in sugar

Quitting sugar is not easy and can be harder than getting off hard core drugs like heroin as attested to by Karen Thompson (above) however if you make the correct dietary choice it may be easier than you think.

By eating non-addictive, healthy food you won’t get those hunger pangs or cravings and will gradually lose weight, improve your health and forget about sugar.

The Paleo diet is one you may want to try as it is said to be the one diet that is most biologically suitable for the human body which will not only help you quit sugar, but also help you achieve natural weight loss with renewed vitality.

This guide to proper Paleo eating will ensure that you avoid most of the common Paleo pitfalls and help you reach your health and weight loss goals faster…

The Consequences Of Sugar Addiction

Sugar Causes Obesity

Sugar Causes Obesity

Sugar is toxic, causes progressive weight gain and a whole host of chronic diseases.

If you are in any doubt as to the harmful effects of sugar just have a look at the following list of what sugar consumption can do to you;

  • Obesity – causes Leptin Resistance which leads to cravings & weight gain – lack of nutrients leaves you unsatisfied always wanting more creating cravings, binge eating and progressive weight gain leading to obesity.
  • Type-2 Diabetes – stresses the liver & causes insulin issues as well as insulin resistance
  • Heart Disease – a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association showed how sugar affects the pump strength of the heart as well as increasing the bad cholesterol & triglycerides
  • Addiction – creates an addictive response in the brain which leads to binge eating
  • Cancer – encourages the emergence of cancer and may negatively effect the chances of survival
  • Increases Belly Fat – just look at today’s kids stuffing sugar rich food & drink into their mouths & it’s no wonder they are so fat. A study showed how fructose causes fat cells to mature leading to a (premature) big fat belly & a life with diabetes.

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