Tim Noakes Diet Menu Plan

Tim Noakes Diet

Tim Noakes Diet menu Plan

Tim Noakes Diet Menu Plan – LCHF

Wondering why anyone wanting to lose weight is talking about the Tim Noakes diet menu plan?

Well since Prof Tim Noakes has shot to prominence through his low-carb, high fat Banting styled diet everyone wants to know how the “Tim Noakes diet” worked so well for him and what it can do for them.

Not only has he managed to dodge diabetes with this new Banting eating plan of his, but he has also shed a significant amount of weight to the point of looking lean & mean – some would say skinny.

He does however go to great pains to point out that those who do not suffer with CR (Carbohydrate Resistance), to the degree that he does, do not have to be as ruthlessly carbohydrate restrictive as he is.

In other words, as he is predisposed to adult-onset diabetes (type-2 diabetes), he has cut carbs out of his diet completely but others who are not as intolerant to carbohydrate can eat complex carbs in moderation without it having a dramatic effect on their weight or health.

Food That Is Not On the Tim Noakes Diet

Tim Noakes Diet Menu Plan

Tim Noakes Diet

  • Sugar – everyone should avoid eating sugar in all its forms
  • Drinks containing sugar including sodas, cola drinks, fruit juice
  • Pasta & Pizza (unless it is Banting friendly like this Cauliflower Banting Pizza Recipe)
  • White rice – if you have to eat rice make it brown
  • White potatoes – substitute with sweet potatoes if you have to
  • Oats – if you have to eat porridge rolled oats will be better for you
  • Breakfast cereals in all their form – high in sugar*
  • Fruits that are rich in sugar especially bananas
  • Pastries, cakes, sweets & other treats
  • Sugary desserts (which includes most)
  • Artificial sweeteners – watch out for diet drinks or fat-free products as they often contain sugar & other nasty chemicals to make it taste better
  • Vegetable oils – for instance Sunflower Oil which is high in harmful Omega 6 fatty acids

* Many would argue that breakfast cereals are full of healthy vitamins & essential nutrients but Noakes says “Some dieticians argue that whole grain cereals should be included because they are “healthy” but I have had difficulty finding whole grain cereals that have not been heavily refined.

The Tim Noakes Diet Menu Plan Comes From These Food Groups

Tim Noakes Diet

The Tim Noakes Diet Includes Red Meat & Leafy Greens

  • Eggs (free range) are full of good nutrients & keep you feeling full for longer
  • Fish which an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids (as opposed to the more toxic Omega-6)
  • Meat (grass fed is best) but beef or game including Ostrich meat
  • Dairy including full cream milk (not skim), cheese & yoghurt (not the fat-free version) from grass fed cows to avoid chemicals.
  • Vegetables of the green leafy type that are low in carbohydrates like lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, avocado (healthy fats) and others that are rich in nutrients as well as having a low-carb content.
  • Nuts, including almonds, macadamias & walnuts but not peanuts (which are legumes) or cashew nuts (high in carbs).
  • Fruits especially those rich in colours (red berries etc) & apples but try & avoid those high in sugar (carbs) content.
  • Liquids include water, tea & coffee (unsweetened)

Typical Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Meals For Noakes

To get an idea what the Tim Noakes eating plan looks like these are examples of what he eats during a typical day…

  • Breakfast – according to Noakes he has eggs, bacon & sausage for breakfast or cheese, yoghurt as well as a protein-fat meal leftover from the previous evening’s meal.
  • Lunch – for lunch he snacks on cheese, nuts, biltong (fatty, biltong is even better)
  • Dinner – For dinner he chooses one of the delicious meals from his book, The Real Meal Revolution, which will invariably include either meat, fish or chicken with a good serving of healthy vegetables.

According to Noakes there is absolutely no need to eat more than ~200g of carbohydrate per day even if your are extremely insulin sensitive & able to metabolize carbs without any issues – this even applies to elite athletes

He Also Says…

Prof Noakes Diet Menu Plan

Prof Tim Noakes Spreading the LCHF Gospel

He also makes a point of saying that he restricts himself to no more than 75 grams of carbohydrate a day which, he says, allows him to regulate his body weight effortlessly without getting hungry & wanting to eat more – carbs are addictive & usually leave you unsatisfied & wanting more.

Furthermore, he gets his measly intake of carbs from highly nutritious vegetables & dairy produce.

However he goes on to say that not everyone needs to restrict their carb intake so severely – in fact others may be advised to make a different choice when it comes to the amount of carbohydrate they ingest.

Whatever choice you make you would be well advised to get onto this type of diet as it could help you achieve the body shape & energy levels you desire.

Losing Weight Is About Hunger Control, Not Portion Control

Tim Noakes Meal PlanThe beauty with the low-carb Banting styled Paleo way of eating is that you can basically eat as much as you like with little danger of over eating…

…this is because real LCHF Paleo foods & meals are non-addictive and will leave you feeling satisfied & satiated without wanting more or still feeling hungry.

This is exactly what helps you control your hunger naturally and is exactly what Prof Tim Noakes keeps on saying about eating low-carb, wholesome foods – they are non-addictive and will make you feel & look better.


It’s very important to remember that all your good intentions of following a healthy diet will soon unravel unless you have a wide range of low-carb recipes always available to keep mealtimes interesting & exciting.

So don’t sabotage your healthy eating plan by running out of exciting low-carb recipes.

If I could come up with an exciting range of low-carb, gluten-free & nutritious recipes for all meals, this would be it…

Download This Fantastic Collection Of Banting Styled LCHF Paleo Recipes here »
(includes an 8-Week Meal Plan)


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51 comments on “Tim Noakes Diet Menu Plan
  1. Please help me I bought the Tim Nokes book but can you give me an example of hoy
    W to plan breakfast what to eat and what for Lunch and what for supper
    Friendly Regards
    Yvonne Loock

  2. Books to start tim noakes’s eating plan.

    Where can i get it?

  3. elsie says:

    Also look for tim noaks eatingplan

  4. mia strachan says:

    I please want your banting eatplan

  5. mia strachan says:

    I realy want your eatplan. Banting

  6. mia strachan says:

    Olso looks for Tim Noaks eatplan.
    Thank you

  7. mia strachan says:

    Tim noaks dieet

  8. Sandy Aitken says:

    Greetings, please could you let me know what the name of the 7 day eating plan I really would like to start on this diet.



  9. My Husband needs this diet
    he is tall and weights around 170Kg and has been put on a 4th Blood pressure pill!

  10. Can you tell me more about low oxalic diet, it seems to be difficult to raw up a plan, since a lot of websites contradict each other on high,med and low oxalics. Can’t you work out a diet here please. Ince high ocalics are bad for cell communication, and act as acid on myelin sheath. Not good for gut, although it seems necessary for parastalsis movement. Thank you. Julia (neuralgia patient).

  11. eunice says:

    May i have wine to drink now and then and what kind

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Eunice
      Generally speaking you may have wine in moderation but make sure you drink dry white or red wine only
      Hope this helps

  12. Freda munro says:

    Wil graag die 7 dae dieet plan kry

  13. Ylona Cross says:

    HI there
    I am thinking of starting the Banting diet, have got 80kg to lose.
    However I am alergic to eggs, so what alternatives can I use than eggs especially for breakfast?


  14. Dries says:

    I do not eat any vegetables, How will I follow this eating plan? Is there a way?

  15. maureen kruger says:

    please send me a 7 day eating plan. THANK YOU

  16. maureen kruger says:


  17. Anwar says:

    Could you please send me the benting diet plan.

  18. Marlene Perumal says:


    Is it fine to have coconut juice/water while on the banting diet

  19. Amanda says:


    Please can someone help me I have an animal that I have put onto a low carb low protein high fat diet I have a manager concern about him becoming diabetic and falling into organ failure he does have cancer though would some thing like this diet work?

  20. Andrea vos says:

    Please send me the 7 day banting diet

  21. Mia says:

    Please send me the 7 day eating plan.

  22. Sue says:

    I have started the bullet-proof coffee and want to know what Tim Noake’s take is on this? I have been reading some conflicting reports.

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Sue

      Noakes appears to be fully in favour of bulletproof coffee or butter coffee (which I think is how he refers to it) as long as the ingredients are all natural ie. organic freshly brewed coffee & unsalted, grass-fed butter.

  23. Margaret says:

    I have lost the required amount of weight…7kg. What now??? How do I prevent putting it back on and what do I add to stop losing more. Tks..Margaret

    • Margaret says:

      what do you mean

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Margaret

      By eating a carb-free, wholesome, nutrient dense diet as found in the Paleo & Banting styled diets you automatically avoid eating addictive foods (like those that are high in sugar & processed type foods) and so your body (and brain) doesn’t trigger the cravings for more food after eating.

      This will help your body function optimally at it’s best weight without putting weight back on.

      If you’re concerned you should consult your doctor or nutritionist as there isn’t one ideal diet solution for everyone.

  24. Mohsina says:

    Hi,been banting for 5 weeks now. No weight loss as yet. Please help.

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Mohsina

      Everyone is different & people respond to diets & eating plans differently so my advice would be to consult a registered nutritionist/dietician or your medical practioner who can give you an eating plan that is right for you.

    • Joyce Liebenberg says:

      Hi there… me neither? I am on week 4. I have cheated in between but not as a rule and only because I was driving very far and could not get anything banting friendly on the road. So it was just that one day? Has anyone answered you yet?

  25. Hi I am 40year old guy, I would like to know how the banting plan will effect my cholesterol as it is a bit on the high side and also is it not to hard on the liver.

    • PaleoGuy says:

      The Banting diet should improve your cholesterol but I would recommend you consult your doctor or registered dietician before changing your diet

  26. Joyce Liebenberg says:

    No where in the banting book it gives you an indication of how big the portions should be (accept for protein).
    How much am I supposed to eat? Until I am full?

  27. carol says:

    I am 65 female with Parkinsons and since on the banting diet I droped from 59kg to 48kg since starting the diet from sept to date and still loseing. I USE to eat rolled oats poridge with various fruits like apples or bananas or appricots with cinnamon. also one sliced toast with coffee or rooibos tea.BUT my daughter insist that I MUST CONTINUE with the BANTING diet and cut out all fruits etc. as she says the diet is good for patients with Parkisons, stops them from freezing/falling but I do not see any change in my condition. WHAT do you recommend, should I CONTINUE with the diet plan or not. DO not trust dietitions. Please reply if possible via my emial. Many thanks. (I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING WRONG)

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Carol

      I am not a registered dietician or medical practitioner so I’m not qualified to give you dietary advice for your condition.

      However fruit is not excluded from the Paleo diet & for anyone not specifically trying to lose weight, or avoid any form of carbohydrate, fruit could form a healthy component of one’s diet.

      Furthermore diary, & more specifically cow’s milk, is not allowed on the Paleo diet…

      There are many medical practioners & dieticians who say that cows milk causes food allergies, can cause type-1 diabetes in infants & can be implicated with a variety of autoimmune diseases including but not limited to multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. (Ref Dr Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus: http://thepaleodiet.com/qa-with-dr-cordain-milk/#.VmbPzF4oSiA)

      For the differences between the Banting & Paleo diets go to the link below;


      Hope this helps…

  28. nardus says:

    Want to know, what about alchol intake is that off limits or is there some that you can use.

  29. Brian says:

    A family member who is achieving great results on the banting diet would not have tea reason was that our low fat milk would have a reverse effect on her diet.We only have low fat milk as it goes off due to us using limited amounts.
    Is there a substitute for the milk or has she been miss lead.
    Your comments would be appreciated.

  30. Brian says:

    will low fat milk effect the diet on a once off cup of tea

  31. Magdaleen says:

    My Cholesterol 7.7 and started (no cheating) Banting lifestyle.I am 6 weeks into Banting, no sugar no breads, cakes pastas potatoes, rice nothing. I eat95% from green list. I could not stick to 3 meals I just seldom felt hungry. Currently I eat at 10:00 after work 1 fruit and 2 handful Almonds then support at 20:00. I feel physically better, not having cravings is great BUT I GAINED 1kg. My husband refuses to stop his 2 teaspoons of sugar and his flavoured yogurts with muesli and he lost 2kgs. I FEEL “cheated”. I do not want to stop as I feel better,but I am obese according to BMI (1.7m 82kg) What is going wrong. How do I fix this problem

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Magdaleen

      I’m so glad that you’re feeling better since going Banting and your diet looks fine – the one thing that I can see is the that the Almonds do tend to put on weight so maybe cut out all the nuts for now. If you’re having dairy I would also cut that out and see how you go.

      Its always best to see a qualified nutritionist for expert dietary advice though…

  32. Sylvia says:

    I what to loss weight. Please help

    • PaleoGuy says:

      Hi Sylvia

      try starting with this Banting diet plan – you should see some encouraging results if you stick to this low-carb way of eating and be sure to avoid sugar and junk food.

      All the best



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